Element One's M4L DJ Tempo Mapper (v1.3)

Take control of your Ableton DJ sessions with this powerful, unique, and useful Max For Live tempo control!

Solving a critical problem for Ableton DJs everywhere, this device allows you to remap the range of your tempo control "on the fly" during a performance with perfect precision and without having to open Live's browser or enter "MIDI Map Mode".

Tutorial Video:


*Current Tempo Display


*Tempo Slider with on-the-fly range selection capability


*(Current) Session Tempo matching buttons - Copy the current session tempo to either side of the Tempo Slider


*Value Duplication buttons - Copy values from one side of the range to the other

Element One's M4L DJ Tempo Mapper (v1.3)


    © 2012 by Clint H. Moody (Element One)


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